Salary and benefits insights, vetted job listings & the gold standards for working women.

My take on what working women need to know right now.

After being featured on the TODAY show on NBC, The Salary Transparency Project inspired the #KnowYourWorth movement.

Now, I’m putting the data I collected from thousands of women and all the conversations I’ve had with our community to meaningful use by starting the No Gender Gap Newsletter

As an advocate for working women I’ll help us all examine and answer these questions:

  • Am I getting fairly compensated for my work? No Gender Gap provides deep insights into real salary and benefits data from 2020, across many roles, regions, and experience levels

  • How can I learn to successfully negotiate raises and other challenging situations at work? No Gender Gap provides advice and best practices on how to achieve the best results

  • How can my approach to work and life benefit from mentorship? No Gender Gap provides interviews with women on leadership teams

  • Where can I find progressive companies with the best people practices? No Gender Gap provides only-the-best job listings from tech companies that treat their employees right, vetted by me

  • Where can I be inspired? No Gender Gap provides inspirational and motivational stories about cool shit done by womxn

As I’m starting this newsletter I am also packing tomorrow’s lunchboxes, Slack messaging with my team, responding to LinkedIn connection requests, working on a strategy plan for PR promotion for my boss, trying to solve the ant infestation issue in my house (yes, it is February), and waiting to get the blood results back from my OB in hopes that I can get pregnant with #2 soon.

In a few words: I have a lot going on. Just like you. That’s why I promise to only send you the most useful and high impact content, keep it short, and never email you just for email's sake.

The income I make from this newsletter allows me to keep fighting for equal pay for women.

Always know your worth,


In the meantime, tell your friends!